Live arms trafficking network linked to Viktor Bout’s top Lieutenants              

WHEN:        RESCHEDULED:    1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, TUESDAY, July 16, 2012

WHERE:   24th Floor – Beekman Tower, 3 Mitchell Place, Corner 49th St and 1st Av. NY,  (near the United Nations).


Kathi Lynn Austin – Former UN arms investigator and Executive Director of the Conflict Awareness Project: Will give details of breaking investigation

Jeff Abramson – Director, Control Arms Secretariat: Will comment on trafficking and the Arms Trade Treaty

WHY: Ms. Austin is just back from an in depth two month investigation in Mauritius, UAE and South Africa. She will give details of a live trafficking network of illegal arms dealers who are directly linked to convicted international Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.  The illicit trafficking network, which includes transporters, offshore companies, banks, insurance companies etc, spans from Russia, Iran, UAE, Congo, Sudan to the US, South Africa and the UK.

The results of the investigation will show how existing loopholes and the lack of global rules on arms trade, particularly on brokers and transport agents allow arms traffickers to operate and make money in a shadowy world with impunity.

The press briefing comes as over 190 governments are negotiating the first Arms Trade Treaty at the United Nations from July 2 to 27.

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